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The New Wave of Healthcare

Waste Management provides 2nd.MD to employees like Adric, who thinks 2nd.MD “is the new wave of healthcare!”

AdricI am very very impressed with 2nd.MD.

At first, I was trying something completely brand new, and I didn’t know what to expect. What ended up occurring is that now I think this is the new wave of healthcare!

Emily [part of the 2nd.MD Care Team] was more helpful than I hoped. She was highly proactive for me, to not just finding my doctor, but she even helped me to find a PCP near my home.

Emily wanted to know what was going on and asked questions to show that she was really involved in my situation. I even got a text message from 2nd.MD’s tech department asking if I had any problems with the phone meeting! Seeing that those text messages were coming from real people, and not just an automated message… these people are really keeping in touch! I loved the fact that Emily stayed in touch – I really feel like I can go straight back to her.

Dr. Desai [who provided the online consult] was the same as Emily – he inquired about everything and asked for my whole story. He was so accommodating; my conversation with him was at 9:00pm at night! He was involved and didn’t seem reluctant to converse. He didn’t make me feel like I was a burden to talk to so late. I really appreciated Dr. Desai taking the time out to do all that. He sent all his recommendations to Emily and she got them to me. That allowed me to read his notes before my PCP appointment!

That’s one other benefit of 2nd.MD: when you go to a physical location to see a doctor, you have to bend over backward to get there. But 2nd.MD works around your schedule! I don’t feel as much pressure or stress to schedule or accommodate someone else’s schedule.

2nd.MD is the way to go! I’ve already been telling my coworkers about it. This is the future of where medicine has to go in order to keep involved with people that are on the move! No matter where I am, I’m covered as long as I have 2nd.MD. It helps to alleviate so much stress for people that are traveling or relocating.

2nd.MD is a valuable resource for people that want to be proactive with their health.

– Adric

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