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Abnormal Mammogram

Couple pic1Katherine wanted help deciding what to do after an abnormal mammogram. Her doctor recommended getting a biopsy from a specialist over 45 minutes away, but she wasn’t convinced that should be the next step. Her husband Sean suggested she use 2nd.MD, a benefit provided by his employer.

“I’m a naturally inquisitive person, and wanted to be sure I explored alternative options before opting into a painful procedure. 2nd.MD specialist Dr. Webster helped me fully understand my results and assured me that a biopsy wasn’t necessary at this point. I work from home, so being able to speak with a well-qualified specialist without having to travel was a huge plus. The Care Team worked around my crazy schedule and made the experience seamless and enjoyable. I have recommended 2nd.MD to all of my friends and family, and truly appreciate having access to this service!” – Katherine

“Until we came to 2nd.MD, we were given choices about procedures that we didn’t understand. Having an expert take the time to teach us about the options and implications of our choices made a huge difference in our decision making process. The service is free through my employer, which further makes it the obvious go-to resource. We have used 2nd.MD twice and will absolutely be back if we need help again.” – Sean

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