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Chronic Knee Pain

Ann, who works for David Weekley Homes, turned to 2nd.MD for help with chronic knee pain:


I decided to use 2nd.MD when I was recommended to have knee surgery to relieve chronic knee pain that I’ve had for about 15 years. I am very grateful to Emily and Erika [from the 2nd.MD Care Team] for their persistence in obtaining my medical records. It was difficult dealing with my doctor’s office; I decided to see a new doctor because of them.

When I had my consultation with Dr. Gross, I really enjoyed the conversation with him. I could really tell that he was listening to what I had to say. He was honest; he recommended trying something else first, before committing to surgery.

It’s been nice working with Emily as you don’t often meet somebody, especially in the medical field, that’s very helpful. Emily was great about providing me a list of physical therapy facilities when I told her I wasn’t comfortable with going back to my doctor or using their physical therapy clinic. Emily went above and beyond by also providing me with a list of physical therapists in my area that were convenient both to where I work and where I live.

Now, because of Dr. Gross’s recommendations, I can do a nine hour car drive, when normally that would be excruciating with my knee. I would recommend that anybody take advantage of this service. It gives you access to a group of people, nurses, doctors, etc., that can help answer your questions. A lot of times, you get 5 minutes with the doctor and you’re left with more questions. But 2nd.MD helped me get those questions answered.

– Ann

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