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Concerned Father Finds Answers

David, a concerned father, came to 2nd.MD to get a second opinion for his daughter’s reoccurring ulcerative condition. Their family physician had never seen anything like this before. Fortunately, 2nd.MD was able to confirm their doctor’s diagnosis.

“My 13-year-old daughter was turned away from a specialist, causing us to go see our family physician for an uncommon ulcerative condition that the doctor had never seen before. I wanted a second opinion and some reassurance of my daughter’s diagnosis and treatment plan that was being recommended,” David explained.

“My consult with Dr. Andrews gave my daughter and I the reassurance and peace of mind we needed before taking the next step. I appreciated the time that 2nd.MD and Dr. Andrews took to help give us clarity and reassurance of the treatment plan that was being recommended.”

With 2nd.MD, patients have direct access to the world’s leading doctors. Concerned fathers, like David, are able to get second opinions with 2nd.MD and have confidence of the treatment plans recommended to them.

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