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Crohn’s Disease

Kara came to 2nd.MD for a 2nd opinion of her diagnosis for Crohn’s Disease and the next steps.

“I’ve suffered from multiple GI problems that ultimately led to me being hospitalized. After a series of tests that proved to be inconclusive, my doctor diagnosed me with Crohn’s Disease. I tried several medications with no luck, and my doctor’s next suggestion was to be put on a lifelong medication regimen that has some very serious side effects. I was a little hesitant of making such a huge commitment without getting validation first, so I turned to 2nd.MD. My consultation with 2nd.MD specialist Dr. Khoruts couldn’t have went smoother! The entire 2nd.MD team was great from retrieving my medical records and fast communication to even helping me find the right local specialist after my consult. Dr. Khoruts also showed some concerns for my initial diagnosis and recommended a new set of specific tests that can help give more clarity. Had I not used 2nd.MD, I probably would have followed my previous doctor’s suggestions and started the medication regimen as a last resort. My husband and I are very grateful to 2nd.MD and Dr. Khoruts for giving us new options to explore.”

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