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Daughter Recently had Brain Surgery

Brain Surgery

Jenna’s two-and-a-half-year-old daughter recently had brain surgery. Jenna and her husband Steve came to 2nd.MD to better understand their daughter’s condition and to discuss future treatment options.

“We wanted to better understand the signs to watch for since my daughter is too young to fully explain when something is wrong. The 2nd.MD specialist provided detailed information and gave us a clearly defined explanation of my daughter’s condition. He was very patient and engaged and assured us that he would make himself available to answer any questions that we may have. Knowing that she should live a full, active and healthy life definitely put our minds at ease. Overall the consult gave me a better understanding of my daughter’s future and helped to determine the best long-term treatment plan for her. Our local doctor, who has excellent qualifications himself, was equally impressed with the caliber of expertise available through 2nd.MD.  He not only helped us pick the specialist but looked forward to hearing the 2nd.MD specialist’s suggestions as well. I was so happy with my experience that I plan to use the service again for myself!” 

*Names have been changed for member's privacy.

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