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Diagnosed with Breast Cancer

Andy’s wife was recently diagnosed with breast cancer at age 34. They came to 2nd.MD for a 2nd opinion of her proposed treatment plan.

“Our local doctors had put together a suggested treatment plan, but we wanted to be sure it was the right one. Amidst scheduling a second opinion appointment at Mayo Clinic, we were offered a free trial of 2nd.MD. I was amazed that 2nd.MD retrieved all of the needed medical files for our consult, as we had to gather them primarily on our own for Mayo. When 2nd.MD claims they put you in touch with “the world’s best doctors”, I was highly skeptical that this was simply a marketing ploy. 2nd.MD specialist Dr. Henderson, however, far far far exceeded my expectations and clearly demonstrated his knowledge, expertise and authority in the field. He was able to guide us in the direction of a better treatment plan for my wife and offered to speak directly with our upcoming treating physicians about next steps.

Our subsequent visit to Mayo Clinic included a consultation with a medical oncologist who likewise demonstrated himself to be an authority in the field of breast cancer treatment. He independently recommended nearly the same treatment that Dr. Henderson suggested!  Since our consultation with Dr. Henderson, I am fully convinced that 2nd.MD DOES have the world’s best doctors, and the confidence and advice we gained from using this service is invaluable. Prior to our free trial, my skepticism of 2nd.MD‘s ability to provide me with valuable information would have prevented me from investing in their services on my own.  But now that I’ve experienced the 2nd.MD service, I won’t hesitate to pay for their services in the future, because now I understand the value.”

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