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The Doctor He Hoped to Find

John used the 2nd.MD benefit offered to Texas A&M University employees. John found the exact kind of doctor he had hoped to find.

For years, I have had a benign growth (adenoma) on my pituitary gland which was producing prolactin. As result of the size and location of this growth, I had developed hypothyroidism. To address the hypothyroidism, I’ve been taking taking thyroid supplements. I’ve also been taking medicine to manage a testosterone deficiency for some time. It’s been challenging to manage.

My local primary physician here in Corpus Christi felt inadequate to treat me, so when I read about 2nd.MD I reached out to them.

Their Care Team member, Julie, contacted me right away after my initial request. She also quickly acquired my medical records — even the out-of-state records going back to 1999. She found a specialist with great credentials to discuss my question with.

Dr. Geffner

Dr. David Geffner

When he called, Dr. Geffner was very familiar with my medical background and spent 30 minutes conversing with me. He communicated concern and caring about my medical diagnoses, and ended by giving me the names of two area specialists to contact for further follow-up.

This conversation saved me from having to find a specialist in Houston or San Antonio and making out-of-town trips for appointments. He advised me that with the right guidance from a local endocrinologist, I might be able to stop taking thyroid supplements and testosterone. 

Dr. Geffner was exactly the kind of doctor I’d hoped to find, but wasn’t sure would be available in our part of the state.

I am so grateful to have access to 2nd.MD. It is a very worthwhile benefit for [Texas A&M System] and I would encourage all my colleagues to use it if they have a difficult or chronic health problem.

– John


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