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Linda’s Debilitating Foot Pain

Linda came to 2nd.MD for a second opinion about her debilitating foot pain and hesitation about surgery.

I have had Foot-x-ray4 surgeries on my foot and within two months of my last surgery my doctor was ready to operate on me again. I was just frustrated because my surgeon and the surgeon’s assistant were giving me two differing opinions. I got my 2nd.MD card in the mail and figured I would reach out.

Kimberly was the Registered Nurse assigned to my case and she was on point. She recommended Dr. Sheskier and he was AWESOME! Dr. Sheskier was really down to earth and made me feel like he cared about helping find the best solution for me. He didn’t agree that I should have the surgery this soon. He said my body needed time to heal and that made sense to me. He even followed up with me after the consult and provided his written recommendations. I was able to provide these notes to my PCP at my next appointment and he followed Dr. Sheskier’s suggestions.

My 2nd.MD doctor spent more time on my case than I feel like my surgeon did. I can’t speak any higher about this service and I have already recommended it to many of my coworkers. I will definitely use 2nd.MD again!

– Linda

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