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Lori’s Concern with Change in Medication

Lori, a Texas A&M System retiree, used 2nd.MD to help with a recommended change in medication.

Lori had a painful bone disorder“I was born with a very painful bone disorder that resulted in the abnormal joining of my spinal bones. Additionally, I live with many other bone and and back problems. Basically, my whole bone structure is malformed. Without proper treatment and it can be incredibly painful just to get through the day.

I’ve had several surgeries. But what helps me the most is a low, steady dose of medicine, which I’ve been taking for 18 years.

When I retired, my partner and I moved to Tulsa, OK. When I visited my new doctor there, he wanted to change my medications against my wishes. He wouldn’t let me travel to Spain as we had been planning, unless I changed my prescription.

Well, I was frantic and didn’t know what to do… Then I remembered 2nd.MD!

I ended up talking to Mike, one of the Care Team nurses. Within 24 hours, I was on the phone with Dr. Rosenthal, a leading pain management specialist in the country.

After talking to him for just a few minutes, he told me that he was confident that the low dose of medicine I had been taking was the right course. He helped me identify a local doctor who would help me manage my pain. Thank goodness!

My experience with 2nd.MD was amazing. I think it’s a tremendous benefit provided by a university – in fact, it is truly a gift. I would tell anyone and everyone to use it. I am grateful to the System’s provision of this aid and assistance!”

– Lori

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