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Metabolic Disorder


“At 7 months of age, my son had a mild seizure. He was diagnosed with a metabolic disorder that causes his blood sugar to drop to dangerous levels if not treated. Although he has been relatively healthy since then, he has begun to get involved in sports and I was concerned that his disorder would put him at a higher risk for irreversible brain damage if he were to get injured.

I attended the 2nd.MD webinar given by Dr. Williams and was impressed with his expertise in the field. He was very accommodating and was happy to discuss my concerns about my son’s condition one-on-one. The consultation was arranged very quickly and conveniently and Dr. Williams armed me with detailed information to make better choices for my son.

The ability to have access to experienced and knowledgeable specialists is invaluable to individuals and their families experiencing difficult health decisions.  2nd.MD bridges the gap between patients and physicians that are willing to dedicate the time to understand unique cases.”

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