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Next Level of Care

Susan* used 2nd.MD to consult with Dr. Sheskier prior to her upcoming foot surgery and say 2nd.MD is truly the next level of care.

“I had seen multiple doctors about my foot, and the most recent doctor recommended I speak with Dr. Sheskier about surgery. I was so happy to see that he participates in virtual visits through 2nd.MD, and I enjoyed speaking with him from the comfort of my own  home. The entire 2nd.MD team was on the case and made sure the consult ran smoothly. The 2nd.MD consult was just like making a personal appearance at the doctor without the added expense and hassle of traveling to the office. Dr. Sheskier was very easy to talk to and took the time to explain all the options that are available for my case. 2nd.MD is a wonderful service and is truly the next level of care.”

*Name was changed to protect privacy.

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