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Not Sure If Waiting is the Right Choice

Dr. Nirav Shah, MD

Dr. Nirav Shah, MD

Bessie was worried when a node was discovered in her lung. She was not sure if waiting 3 months for a repeat CT scan was the right choice. She turned to 2nd.MD for a 2nd opinion.

 “I was scared to death about the possibilities and didn’t know if waiting was the right thing to do. Dr. Tezino from the 2nd.MD Care Team was wonderful, prompt and professional throughout the entire process. I was able to speak with 2nd.MD specialist Dr. Shah, who had great bedside manner and approached my situation as if he were advising a family member. He provided stats and realistic information from multiple perspectives and helped me better understand all the possible outcomes. He had thoroughly reviewed my files ahead of time and answered many of my questions without me having to ask. Overall, 2nd.MD is an easy to use, convenient service for working moms with demanding jobs. I was able to ease my fears without driving to an appointment or filling out any paperwork, it was great!”

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