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Relief Without Surgery


I have been suffering from back pain for over two years, and it was becoming unbearable. My local doctor had referred me to a specialist, who felt that the only way to resolve my back pain was with spinal compression surgery. I had never tried any treatment for my back pain before this, but this surgery sounded quite serious. My husband is a retired Texas A&M employee and remembered that we had received a membership card from 2nd.MD last fall. We decided to reach out to 2nd.MD that day to help us figure out if this serious surgery was really necessary.

From the moment we reached out to 2nd.MD, our Care Team nurse Rebeca acted as our healthcare advocate, and guided us through the entire process. She recommended that we speak to Dr. Zavatsky, an expert in treating and healing advanced back pain. 2nd.MD even setup the consult so that my husband could join as well, and hear firsthand what the specialist recommended. During the consult, Dr. Zavatsky patiently walked us through the MRI’s that I had recently done. While he agreed with the diagnosis, he did not feel that surgery was the right answer for me at this time.

Instead of having surgery he suggested a graduated approach to my back pain, that included over the counter medications, physical therapy, and epidural injections. I am so grateful that Texas A&M University offers 2nd.MD as a benefit to its employees, retirees and their families. Through 2nd.MD, I was able to speak to a top specialist like Dr. Zavatsky, and make sure that I was receiving the right treatment for my back pain. Without this consult, I would have gone ahead with the spinal compression surgery my original doctor recommended, and continued to be in pain. If you are considering a serious surgery or are suffering from pain like mine, I absolutely recommend that you reach out to 2nd.MD today and make sure you are getting the care you deserve.


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