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Second Opinion for Chronic Back Pain

Paula* came to 2nd.MD looking for a second opinion because of chronic back pain.

“I have suffered from back pain since childhood.

I recently went to a doctor in my hometown to learn more about my options, and the doctor really scared me. When I met with this specialist, he made it clear to my husband and I that if I got pregnant without first having spinal fusion surgery, that I would be crippled or have extreme back pain for the rest of my life!

I didn’t know what to do – since he is one of the best doctors here in College Station.

I was thinking of traveling hours to see another doctor in Houston or Austin, but then I heard about the 2nd.MD service.

Dr. Joseph Zavatsky

Dr. Joseph Zavatsky

Through 2nd.MD, I was able to have a phone consult with Dr. Zavatsky. I could relate to everything that Dr. Zavatsky said. He really helped me – he had a lot of experience and offered another opinion that was totally different. He told me there were other, non-surgical ways to treat the pain. After my consult, I dropped my plans to have surgery.

My condition improved almost immediately and we have decided to move forward with our plans to start a family! Dr. Zavatsky helped me confidently make that decision. I have been following his suggestions, I’m improving, and I can continue on with my life!”

– Paula

* Name was changed to protect privacy.

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