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Urological Issues

Mike, whose access to 2nd.MD is provided by the Texas A&M University System, came to 2nd.MD for a second opinion for urological issues:

Over the last several years I have undergone a number of prostate examinations. As a result… my urologist thought I might be retaining urine. He recommended that I self catheterize numerous times a day for two days in a row. That seemed a little overboard to me.

At this same time, someone told me about the 2nd.MD service and I thought it would be the perfect opportunity to use it. I initially spoke with a 2nd.MD nurse, also named Mike, and he easily connected me with Dr. Kacker.

Dr. Kacker was very easy to speak with and he was willing to listen to my concerns, which isn’t always the case with specialists. Dr. Kacker actually agreed with my assumptions, and he didn’t think that I needed to self catheterize at all.

This possibly prevented me from being exposed to numerous bacterial infections. I am so glad that I reached out to get a second opinion before putting myself through a procedure which could have been more detrimental than beneficial.

My consult with Dr. Kacker gave me peace of mind, which is worth so much. I emphatically would recommend this service and I have nothing but positive thoughts about my experience.


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