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Uterine Fibroids

Catherine had surgery to remove uterine fibroids in 2000. When she felt them returning, surgery seemed to be the only treatment option. She turned to 2nd.MD for advice prior to making any big decisions.

“I knew the fibroids were back, however I was experiencing different symptoms from the first time. After seeing multiple doctors I was pretty set on having a second surgery in order to stay proactive. My partner suggested I try 2nd.MD before scheduling the procedure. I was able to speak with 2nd.MD specialist Dr. Lipman through video chat, which allowed for a much more personal conversation. Dr. Lipman thoroughly explained the risks of having surgery and ultimately advised to monitor my condition instead of opting for surgery right away. I was glad to have options, and Dr. Lipman seemed to have a sincere interest in my well-being and choice. I’ve decided to follow his advice and hold off on surgery for now. Overall I had a great experience with 2nd.MD and would definitely use the service again!”

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