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Worried About Breast Cancer

Dalia was worried about breast cancer but got reassurance from a 2nd.MD expert about the right type and frequency of tests she should be having.

After a routine mammogram, my insurer wanted to survey my breast tissue on the right side every six months not just with a mammogram, but also an ultrasound. I honestly lost track of all the stuff they wanted to do. It all seemed a bit excessive and made me feel like they weren’t confident or didn’t have the right tools.

That’s what brought me to 2nd.MD. I thought just talking to another expert would make me more confident about the tests I was undergoing.

The 2nd.MD doctor went over my records and she also saw a change in the tissue that my local doctor had identified. So she validated that having these regular surveys was the right thing. Getting this second opinion and the second pair of eyes and hearing the consistency in the recommendations really helped.

Not long after that, my next mammogram looked fine – there was no longer any change in my breast tissue. And I got confirmation that it wasn’t cancer, just some changes in my breast tissue. Now I’m back on routine, annual mammograms.

This was such a relief. Worrying that I might have breast cancer was really weighing on me. I’m so lucky that 2nd.MD was offered to Waste Management staff. It gave me tremendous peace of mind.

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