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A Second Chance

Thrilled that 2nd.MD was there for her, a member stated that she has a second chance!

Had I not gotten a second opinion with 2nd.MD, I don’t think I would be here! 

After numerous doctor visits and testing, our member experienced increasing numbness and weakness in her legs. After testing for pituitary and parathyroid abnormalities, all results came back normal, yet walking became increasingly difficult and her legs started to give out beneath her. With the cause unknown, she reached out to 2nd.MD.

Upon review of her condition, the specialist advised her to have a Doppler performed. (This would evaluate for a blockage in her  legs).

Her results were shocking! She had 100 percent blockage of an artery in her left leg that had gone unnoticed. The blockage needed to be removed as soon as possible before causing complications resulting in a heart attack, stroke, or amputation.

After undergoing a procedure to place a stent in the artery, she had a 100 percent recovery with all sensation and mobility in her leg returned.

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