Diseases & Conditions Success Stories

Inoperable Brain Tumor

A family’s world was turned upside down when they learned that their mother was diagnosed with a cancerous and inoperable brain tumor. Through their determination to find the best possible care for their mother, the daughter remembered her company benefits included the 2nd.MD service. She immediately sought a second opinion.

The 2nd.MD team and the 2nd.MD specialist provided the much-needed support to the daughter and her family.


The Specialist did not rush through things and was very compassionate the entire time. We were provided very helpful insights and things our family had not thought to consider.


Their mother was provided additional treatment options and the hope of surgical intervention. She underwent the recommended surgery and the result was an overwhelming success! 99 percent of the brain tumor was removed.

The daughter and the entire family were thankful for 2nd.MD and the support the team provided.


My mind was already going in a million different directions, with trying to focus on work and having what was going on with my mom in the back of my mind. Having 2nd.MD in my court helped me balance all of it. 


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