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Still Not Pregnant

still not pregnant

After six years of trying and countless appointments with fertility doctors, Nadia was still not pregnant. The last fertility specialist she saw said that in vitro fertilization (IVF) might be her only option to conceive. Frustrated that her doctor recommended the costly, out-of-pocket expense of IVF before exploring all other options, she confided in her employer who suggested 2nd.MD.

“I felt lost and really had no sense of direction on what to do next when my employer suggested 2nd.MD. I was skeptical about the information I would receive but was also excited at the possibility of uncovering some new options from a top specialist in the field.

I was impressed with the customer service of the Care Team at 2nd.MD. I really felt as if they had a personal investment in my story. I spoke with a 2nd.MD specialist within a few days and I cannot praise her expertise and ‘bedside manner’ enough. She mapped out a detailed plan for my husband and I to maximize our chances to conceive. She even alerted me to an abnormality reported on my lab work that my doctor had missed!

Now, my husband and I are in the process of searching for a local reproductive specialist and I plan on following the specialist’s plan to the letter. I am renewed in my faith to conceive and for that I would highly recommend 2nd.MD to anyone. I would really like to thank the 2nd.MD specialist and the Care Team for helping me get the answers I needed.”

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