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Surgery Her Only Option

surgery her only option

For numerous reasons, many of us will experience back pain in our lifetime. What do you do when your doctor tells you that surgery is your only option? This was the news delivered to Jane from her orthopedic specialist.

Although Jane was young and active she had been suffering from arm weakness and numbness for more than a year. When her specialist gave her only one treatment option, she quickly searched for a second opinion.

Using the 2nd.MD app, Jane was connected with a Board Certified neurosurgeon, who specializes in minimally-invasive brain and spinal surgery. To her delight, she was given alternative treatment options to consider. Although one of the suggestions was still a surgical option, it was a less invasive surgery that would still allow her to be active.

Jane declared that 2nd.MD empowered her to make an informed decision, one that she would not later regret.

The 2nd.MD specialist was very personable and easy to understand. He explained everything clearly and was knowledgable about all my options. 


When you have concerns regarding your treatment options, get a second opinion!


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