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Different Diagnoses

Different Diagnoses

Jenny’s rheumatologist and neuromuscular doctors gave different diagnoses for her health condition. Jenny continued to experience inflammation of her hands, rashes, and difficulty walking. With the uncertainty of her plan of care, she requested a second opinion to discuss treatment options to restore her muscle function.


Jenny was connected with a 2nd.MD specialist. He provided her web-resources for additional information and suggested she discuss immunosuppressive agents with her caring physician.


Jenny was so happy with the 2nd.MD specialist, that she later decided to see him in-person and sought treatment with him from his office.


Jenny’s strength improves daily and she credits 2nd.MD for this remarkable life-change!


“The doctor was outstanding! I feel so unbelievably blessed! He offered so much hope and light I am not sure how to exactly express myself. Thank you so much! You can tell he put so much time and thought into everything. He offered answers and hope! Thank you so much!”

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