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Her Dream Lives On

Her Dream Lives On

When a member reaches out, usually they have lost hope about their future due to their condition. After Nancy’s consult, her dream lives on!

Nancy (60+ years-of-age) was still suffering from back pain after trying a spinal decompression, a spinal fusion, and steroid injections. She was told she may need another surgery. Needing reassurance that her treatment plan was the best possible plan for her, she contacted 2nd.MD.


The 2nd.MD specialist, discussed possible surgical and nonsurgical options with Nancy. When reviewing Nancy’s images from previous procedures with her, the specialist suggested further diagnostic testing (a nerve study). This testing would be beneficial to locate the exact point of her pain before moving forward with another invasive procedure.


With this additional information and insight, Nancy went to her local provider to receive the care she needed and chose to delay surgery.


Thrilled to be on a road to recovery, Nancy expects to fulfill her dream of cross-country skiing one day soon.

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