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Intolerable Pain

Intolerable Pain

A few years ago, Jarrod underwent a cervical fusion to relieve intolerable pain. Unfortunately, nothing changed. He continued to try every treatment known to him to find relief, but still, nothing helped. Spasms, numbness, and tingling between his neck and shoulder blade were a daily occurrence. When Jarrod found no alleviation from his pain, he contacted 2nd.MD for alternative suggestions.


Jarrod was thrilled to learn about a variety of new options from the 2nd.MD specialist, which included possibilities such as nerve blocks and radiofrequency therapy. Armed with new information for a path forward, Jarrod began his journey to find relief!


“The 2nd.MD specialist was very thorough and knowledgeable about my condition and answered every question I had to my satisfaction.”


Jarrod stated that access to 2nd.MD increased his appreciation of his company’s employee benefits and he was likely to recommend 2nd.MD to his colleagues and friends.

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