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Metaphyseal Growth Arrest Line

Metaphyseal Growth Arrest Line

Olivia, 2-years-old, was diagnosed with a metaphyseal growth arrest line on her left foot following a suspected fracture. 


Olivia’s mother stated, “We are not sure what to do to find out why she has the growth arrest line. If we should be concerned, and how we should monitor it to make sure it’s not something that impacts her growth long-term. Her pediatrician has asked us just to make sure we come to all of her well-checks


The 2nd.MD Specialist suggested that the “growth arrest lines”  seen on x-ray are nonspecific markers of bone activity and do not represent a worrisome or pathologic finding.  He recommended that a repeat x-ray or follow-up are not needed for these benign growth lines that appear in the bone.


Olivia’s mother said that her concerns and fears were eased by the 2nd.MD specialist’s expertise and knowledge.


“The specialist was great. Knowledgeable and able to speak authoritatively about the issue we needed a specialist for.”



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