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Persistent Eye Condition

persistent eye condition

Jenna came to 2nd.MD to get a second opinion on her son’s persistent eye condition.

“My son had a persistent chalazion and our local pediatric specialist had a two-month wait list. We ended up seeing a couple different doctors, but there was a lot of confusion back and forth between them and in the end, I still had questions. I was excited to try 2nd.MD and found it to be super easy to use. The 2nd.MD specialist spent a lot of time educating me on treatments and prevention, and it was nice to have another opinion on the topic. I appreciated having time dedicated solely to answering my questions instead of just time spent evaluating my son. My consult gave me the confidence to ask the right questions and take the next needed steps in order to help my son get better. 2nd.MD is a great resource for people with persistent health issues, as it’s nice to have fresh input or even just validation that you are on the right track.” 

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