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This Service is a God-Send!

Service is a God-Send

In her own words, Julia stated, “This service is a God-send!” and this is her story…


Julia, a 49-year-old woman was suffering from irregular cycles and heavy bleeding. When she went to her local provider to figure out what was going on, they recommended surgery to evaluate Julia for uterine abnormalities. Confused as to why surgery was necessary, Julia contacted 2nd.MD.


The 2nd.MD women’s health specialist discussed pre-menopause with Julia and the normalcy of irregular cycles during this time. The specialist informed her that although the surgery was an option, it was not a necessity. Julia learned about conservative treatment approaches and took the information to her local provider.


Julia has expressed tremendous satisfaction with 2nd.MD. She feels confident proceeding with the more conservative option, an IUD placement, prior to undergoing any surgery.



“I feel truly grateful, this whole plan has been an answer to prayer. It was so debilitating and I felt so weak, I didn’t know what was going on and life doesn’t slow down! I feel like whatever program you guys have going is so like love, it’s not rubber stamped.”

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