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Consult Saved Life!

Consult Saved Life

Gerald’s deteriorating health forced him onto extended medical leave but a consult with one of 2nd.MD’s gastrointestinal specialists saved Gerald’s life!

“For the last 5 years, my health has been getting worse. I had headaches, nausea, vomiting, weakness and vision problems. All these medical issues were taking a toll on me.

I went to my local doctors more than 10 times a year for help, but they were unable to determine what was wrong. I had multiple CT scans, ultrasounds, and nuclear uptake scans. I was put on multiple medications, told to get eyeglasses and have endoscopy procedures. I even had my gallbladder removed!

Eventually, I could no longer work my demanding shifts and went on extended medical leave.

I contacted 2nd.MD after hearing about the services they provide. My goal was just to feel better so that I could go back to work and support my family.

2nd.MD got all my extensive medical records within 2 days, and by the next day, I had a telephone consult with one of 2nd.MD’s best gastrointestinal specialists.

After reviewing my medical records and speaking with me, the specialist suspected that I was suffering from a slow-growing type of blood cancer [polycythemia vera]. She suggested specific testing to see if that was the correct diagnosis.

My doctor refused to provide the testing recommended by the specialist or to refer me to a specialist that would, so 2nd.MD found other doctors in the area and referred me to a local hematologist.

I went to see the new doctor within a week and was quickly and definitively diagnosed with polycythemia vera. [Note: Polycythemia vera is a pernicious disease which, if undiagnosed and left untreated, will undeniably shorten one’s lifespan by years.] My treatment began soon after and my symptoms began to go away. Within 4 months, I was back at work full time and am now essentially symptom-free. I no longer have the headaches, vision problems, weakness or nausea.

My family and I are extremely grateful to 2nd.MD for providing a life-saving consult.”



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