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Doctor’s Discovered a Brain Bleed

Brain Bleed

14-year old, Emma had been suffering from crippling migraines and aggressive vomiting. Eventually, her doctor’s discovered Emma had a brain bleed and her parents were faced with two options: surgery or wait a few weeks to see what it would bring. Confronted with these options Emma’s parents decided they needed to get as much specialist insight as they could and made the call to 2nd.MD for support.


2nd.MD connected Emma’s parents with a specialist from Boston Children’s Hospital.  After their meeting, they gained confidence with the insight and knowledge to pursue the surgery.


Emma has since made a full recovery and the debilitating migraines that once caused her so much grief, are now only a faint memory.


When asked how 2nd.MD could serve them better, the family states that 2nd.MD is “Great as is!” and the specialist “Couldn’t have been any better.”

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