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2nd.MD Exceeded My Expectations!

Exceeded Expectations

In Brenda’s words, “2nd.MD exceeded my expectations!”

Brenda had seen multiple doctors several times about a lump behind her jaw. When an ENT suggested medication and waiting 6 weeks to do a scan, she sought out 2nd.MD to make sure it was the right decision.

“When the doctors mentioned growth, I was immediately concerned and wasn’t sure waiting six weeks would help. The  2nd.MD specialist went over all the possibilities and treatments in detail without making any assumptions. The consult gave me plenty of time to talk and be heard—honestly I wish my other doctors would have listened as well as he did! The 2nd.MD specialist really put my mind at ease about waiting to have the scan and reassured me with facts and statistics, which calmed me greatly. I walked away from my consult knowing I had asked and gotten answers to everything I needed. The service was easy to access, free to use and the perfect solution for peace of mind. 2nd.MD exceeded my expectations times 100!”


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