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Kidney Problems

Kidney Problems

Frequent trips to his local doctors were leaving Mark frustrated about some kidney problems. So he contacted 2nd.MD for a second opinion.

I had two issues: kidney stones and cysts on my kidneys. Treating the stones was difficult because it can be hard to determine what kinds of stones they are. It also wasn’t clear what the best treatment course was – should I leave them alone? Should I have them extracted?

Because of this uncertainty, I found myself returning to my urologist and nephrologist every 6 or 8 weeks and having x-rays every 6 to 9 months. It was frustrating because it didn’t seem like we were able to figure out the right plan. And I didn’t know what was going to happen with the cysts – were they going to grow?

I called 2nd.MD and Andy [part of the 2nd.MD Care Team] put me in contact with a 2nd.MD specialist. The specialist told me the cysts were the bosniak 2 type [and likely benign] and were not worth worrying about. He also told me that I should only go in to have them checked out every two years.

As for the kidney stones, the specialist gave me some dietary tips to clarify what I should eat. He said the kidney stones were probably calcium stones and the best way to treat them is a low oxylite diet. The specialist also advised that I could eat more protein (I had been trying to avoid protein for fear it would worsen the stones). This was important to me because I’m a runner and I wanted to keep fueling my body with enough protein.

In short, the 2nd.MD specialist was reassuring and gave me a lot of clarity about how to proceed, which was a modified diet and far fewer trips to the doctor.

I’m so glad I contacted 2nd.MD. The whole process was very positive. The dialogue and communication with the Care Team and the specialist were great. The whole process was very positive. It was easy and I felt comfortable. What a great service!

– Mark

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