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Proposed Treatment Plan of Radiotherapy


The parents of 10-year-old Colton were feeling nervous about the proposed treatment plan of radiotherapy.  Was it the best option for the recent discovery of an unruptured cluster of blood vessels in their son’s brain?


In their time of uncertainty, 2nd.MD was there for Colton and his parents.  They were paired with a top specialist at Boston Children’s Hospital, who was able to explain in-depth and with greater clarity, what was happening in their son’s brain. The specialist also explained why the initial treatment plan was suggested, and it is his opinion, this would be the best option for Colton.


The parents felt as if there was a weight taken off of their shoulders! With absolute confidence, they were able to proceed forward with their son’s proposed treatment plan. Colton’s mother exclaimed, “The second opinion really helped our comfort level with the treatment, so we are very grateful to have had that session.”

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