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Reaching Her Grandfather in China

Reaching Grandfather China

Ai reached out to 2nd.MD when her grandfather in China was diagnosed with Colon cancer. Wanting her grandfather to receive the very best possible care despite the language barrier, Ai sought the insight of 2nd.MD.


Shortly after Ai reached out, the 2nd.MD team worked to gather the medical history, translating and transcribing all medical records, as well as connecting the family with a top 2nd.MD oncologist. The consult, involving the specialist with a translator through 2nd.MD, the Aunt, Mother, and Grandfather in China, and Ai being in the US, was just what the family was hoping for. The family’s questions were answered and they were equipped with a new perspective and guidance.


Following the consult, Ai stated “The team, in general, was extremely helpful. They went to great lengths in this case given that it’s in a different country and it’s in a different language. The team truly has our family’s best interest in their heart and I am very very grateful for all they have done.”


“This is a world class team and more than anything that I could dream of. Thank you for all the hard work.”

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