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The Root of the Problem

Root Problem

Daniel reached out to 2nd.MD for a second opinion. He wanted to get to the root of the problem. He wanted to find out whether his thyroid function could be the cause of his depression and fatigue:

“A few years ago during a very stressful time, my family began to notice that I had become very irritable and depressed. It got to the point where they insisted that I see a doctor and get some answers.

The doctor diagnosed me with moderate to severe depression and immediately wanted to prescribe medications. That struck me as odd because a family member of mine had had similar symptoms, yet her doctor ran several tests to evaluate her symptoms before prescribing any medication. Here I was, a 34-year-old guy walking out of the doctor’s office with five bottles of medications.

After starting the medications I began feeling better with regard to my depression, but then I began to experience significant side effects. So, I stopped the medications, and about a year later saw a second physician who recommended the same treatment plan — more medication.

I felt like I was going down the same path as before and was not satisfied with the doctor’s diagnosis or recommendations for the same medication.

Coincidentally, at the time my 2nd.MD card came in the mail, I was contemplating seeing a thyroid specialist for a third opinion about my depression and lack of energy. In the past, we were just treating the symptoms but not getting down to the root of the problem.

I reached out to 2nd.MD and Rebeca was assigned to my case. She was great! She [and the Care Team] helped retrieve my medical records and within them, she found the references to my thyroid tests. She connected me with a 2nd.MD specialist who is a thyroid specialist.

The 2nd.MD specialist suggested that it did not sound like a thyroid issue, but rather Adrenal Fatigue Syndrome, which has similar symptoms to hypothyroidism. The most common symptoms he described perfectly matched my symptoms. These were the same symptoms that my previous doctors had just been treating  but not actually addressing the real issue. The 2nd.MD specialist helped me to get focused in the right direction.

He noted in my file the proper lab tests that should be done and advised me of the type of doctor I should find in my local area that would be able to help me further.

I have already recommended 2nd.MD to my coworkers, and will continue to do so. I think so many people are taught to trust what their family doctor or general practitioner says and don’t consider to seek a second opinion in certain circumstances; I hope that hearing my story will inspire them to do so.”


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