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Second Opinion About Knee Replacement Surgery

second opinion about knee replacement surgery

Sam came to 2nd.MD to get a second opinion about knee replacement surgery.

“I experienced a sudden onset of pain in my knee. The orthopedic specialist I saw recommended knee replacement surgery, but I really wanted to avoid surgery. I was curious to try 2nd.MD for a second opinion, especially since it is free to use through my employer. Natasha, my Care Team Specialist, was terrific. She was accommodating and very helpful with scheduling and file retrieval—completely over the top great customer service. I was able to speak with 2nd.MD specialist within just a few days. He thoroughly reviewed my files beforehand, patiently listened and took his time speaking with me. The specialist gave me several options for treatments and exercises and agreed that I should try alternatives prior to opting for surgery. I really appreciated his advice and counsel and have already started looking into some of the steps he recommended. Overall, I had a great experience with 2nd.MD.”

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