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The Future of Her Unborn Child

unborn child

An expecting mother, just 25 weeks pregnant, feared the future of her unborn child. Dawn’s baby was diagnosed with hypoplastic left heart syndrome and was told by her maternal-fetal medicine doctor, that depending on how the condition progressed throughout the pregnancy, her baby might require a heart transplant. Genetic testing was suggested, but feeling unsure, Dawn held off the procedure.


Compelled to understand the best means of preparation for her little one’s birth, and what to expect after delivery, Dawn reached out to 2nd.MD.


Dawn was connected to one of 2nd.MD’s top specialists, recognized for having over 20 years of experience with complicated pregnancies and over 1,000 fetal surgeries. Dawn immediately felt supported and understood. The specialist suggested she reconsider genetic testing along with informing her of alternative options in her baby’s care after birth. Dawn then understood that by not having genetic testing prior to delivery, it could put her son at risk of not getting a heart if one became available for transplant.


With a  team of support of nurses, specialists, and wealth of knowledge gained, Dawn feels confident about the birth of her baby and his ongoing care.


I had not thought about some of the concerns that the specialist raised, so this helped me to confirm our plans and understand the transplant listing process at my current facility should we go the transplant route”.

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