Success Stories

Counting on 2nd.MD a 2nd Time Around

second time around

Having had such a positive experience with 2nd.MD the first time, Ben knew he could count on 2nd.MD when he needed help the second time around. When Bruce twisted his knee at home and noticed a lot of swelling and pain, he went to see his local orthopedic doctor. He was advised to have knee replacement surgery and given no other options.

Ben took this opportunity to utilize the 2nd.MD service again. Equipped with the convenience and ease of 2nd.MD, Ben was connected with an expert Physiatrist. The Physiatrist inquired about his knee and lifestyle and reviewed his Xrays. The physiatrist offered him several options to discuss with his treating physician, to rehabilitate his knee, which would avoid drastic knee replacement surgery.

Ben took the suggestions to local doctors and began rehabilitation. Upon follow up from 2nd.MD three months later, he exclaimed, “I am happy to say I have very little knee pain at all, and I did not have to go through the unnecessary (or at least premature) knee replacement surgery!”

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