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Surviving a Demanding Work Schedule with Pain

demanding work pain

Joe has a demanding work schedule which involves a great deal of commuting and air travel. With increased back pain making it unbearable to sit or stand for extended periods of time, Joe was struggling to fulfill his working requirements. When he could no longer find any comfort, Joe consulted with his local physician.


Joe’s local physician recommended that he have a Lumbar Spine Surgery, but before proceeding, Joe wanted to make an informed decision.


Joe reached out to 2nd.MD for an educational consult and was paired with an expert 2nd.MD neurosurgeon. Through his consult, Joe was informed of a more conservative option to discuss with his local physician prior to surgical intervention. Joe took the information back to his local treating physician and together they proceeded to try physical therapy and epidural injections before moving forward with surgery.


Joe was thankful for the expert guidance and information provided by 2nd.MD and he expressed his gratitude by stating, “Very professional and comfortable assistance.”

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