Success Stories

Preparation for a Vasectomy


At 46 years of age, Neil made the decision that he was finished having children. Neil began to research permanent solutions for pregnancy prevention, and after his discussions with his Primary Care Physician, he made the decision to pursue a Vasectomy.


Although Neil was certain of his choice and had his appointment already scheduled, he wanted to be as prepared as possible. Neil contacted 2nd.MD and was paired with one of the best Urologists in the nation.


Through the guidance of the 2nd.MD specialist, Neil learned more of what the procedure entailed, risks, recovery time, and the time needed to elapse for him to be considered sterile. With this consult, he felt completely prepared for his appointment and confident for his procedure.


Upon follow up, Neil reported: “The consult went exceedingly well and the specialist gave me the confidence to move forward.”


“Great service and VERY easy to use. I will definitely use this service again should the need arise.”

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