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Quality of Life

Quality Life

Gwen, an independent 71-year-old woman with a history of shoulder pain for many years, was approaching the point where her quality of life was being severely impaired by the pain that she was experiencing. Gwen could no longer lift her arm and had difficulty breathing due to the tightness in her shoulder.


When physical therapy, injections, and medication were no longer effective, her treating physician recommended a shoulder replacement. Concerned about what this would mean for her independence, Gwen scheduled a consultation with a 2nd.MD specialist.


After reviewing her imaging and records, the Double Board-Certified Sports and Physical Medicine 2nd.MD specialist was able to encourage and reassure her about her proposed treatment plan. He educated her on what to expect, how to get the most out of the procedure, and what to do during the weeks of her recovery. Gwen was so impressed with the consult that she was able to confidently rest in the days leading up to her procedure.


 “[The 2nd.MD specialist] was fantastic! He explained everything. Helped me understand shoulder replacement vs. shoulder revision. I was able to relax last night after speaking with him. He was really fantastic at explaining the procedures AND compassionate. Speaking with him gave me comfort about my decision and what to expect about recovery.”

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