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Stress Alone Would Have Ruined Our Lives

stress would have ruined our lives

“I would have been erroneously living with some sort of lung cancer. The stress alone would have ruined our lives.” 

These are the spoken words of one of our members. This is his story:

Ben, an active and health conscious 61-year-old man, started experiencing pain in his shoulder after a cross country drive and a day of golfing. Ben had an Xray at the local hospital where he was told he had a mass in his lung which looked cancerous. He left the hospital with follow-up appointments which he would have to wait weeks for. During that time, Ben was worried and stressed about his condition, unsure of what to think or do. After enduring the multiple weeks of anguish, he had a biopsy and was informed that the results were not conclusive. Ben would have to endure another period of waiting before having another CT scan in 4 months time.

After receiving this news, Ben contacted 2nd.MD for the first time and was connected with an expert Lung/Oncology doctor. After his consult with the doctor, Ben felt encouraged to ask his local doctor for a PET scan as soon as possible. The PET scan results were negative for cancer! Much to his relief and delight, Ben was able to have this confirmed with another lung surgeon.

In his own words, Ben stated, “If not for 2nd.MD, I would have been erroneously ‘living with some sort of lung cancer’ and having it monitored every 4 months for who knows how long. The stress alone would have ruined our lives. Thank you 2nd.MD!”


Ben utilized 2nd.MD a second time! You can read about it here.

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