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When Pain Became Intolerable

Intolerable Pain

Amelia suffered from back pain for eight years and when the pain became intolerable, she consulted with her local physician. After reviewing her MRI results, her physician believed a lumbar surgery was necessary for Amelia to find relief from this long-endured pain.


Amelia wanted a second opinion to determine if surgery was the right option for her, what the surgery would entail, and the expectation of the recovery period. Through 2nd.MD, she was connected with a top board-certified physical medicine and rehabilitation specialist. After reviewing Amelia’s imaging and medical records, the specialist reassured her that the treatment plan recommended by her local physician was her best option. He discussed in detail what to expect with the recovery period and was sure to answer all of her questions so that she could move forward with peace of mind.


The 2nd.MD specialist showed compassion and ensured Amelia was well-prepared and knowledgeable about her procedure. When 2nd.MD reached out to Amelia after the consultation, she stated that the specialist was kind and caring. She also added that he was open with her about expectations and answered her questions thoroughly.


I felt very comfortable with the consult and felt I had a friend by the end.  I wasn’t sure what to expect and was pleasantly surprised.

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