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Decompression Surgery on the Brain

Decompression Brain Surgery

Melanie had decompression surgery on her brain in 2016.  Post-surgery, she still suffered from headaches, necessitating further follow up by the doctor who had performed the surgery. The doctor suggested a spinal tap to determine the problem. However, when Melanie went to see a different doctor, he recommended a C1 Laminectomy to decrease the increased pressure in her head.


Confused about her course of action, Melanie reached out to 2nd.MD and was paired with a top medical specialist. The 2nd.MD specialist made recommendations for her to discuss with her local doctor that included further detailed imaging prior to deciding the treatment path.


Melanie was so happy with her consult, that she stated how she wished she lived closer to the 2nd.MD specialist to have him as an option to continue her treatment.


In a follow-up with Melanie, she said that her consult was very helpful and that she would be having a full C1 Laminectomy and a shunt placed in a few short weeks.

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