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Spinal Fusion Surgery

Spinal Fusion Surgery

Bert, a 59-year-old with progressively worsening back pain, noted that rest and medication were no longer working for him. He sought the expertise of a local doctor who recommended that he have lumbar decompression and spinal fusion surgery.


Concerned that this treatment plan was too aggressive, Bert requested a consult with a 2nd.MD specialist to gain additional insight and information. The specialist was able to inform him of alternative treatment options to consider prior to surgery, such as epidural injections and radiofrequency ablations.


With this new information, Bert was able to discuss his angst with his treating physician regarding the surgery option and to speak confidently about other conservative treatment measures.  He felt encouraged and supported by his local doctor to implement a conservative treatment plan in lieu of lumbar fusion surgery and for this reason, Bert expressed his gratitude to 2nd.MD.


“The specialist was very knowledgeable and opened my eyes to other treatment options. He went over everything about my condition, asked questions about my previous surgeries, and I felt that he didn’t leave any stone unturned.”

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