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A Mother’s Heart

Mother's Heart

A mother’s heart always protects and desires the best for her child, so when Kate was told her daughter Chloe would require a second surgery with a possible bone graft, she instinctively wanted to be sure her daughter had the best possible care.


Chloe underwent jaw surgery at 18 years of age. Just five months later, Chloe’s jawbone regressed and her top and bottom teeth were no longer touching. Her local oral surgeon told her she would need a second surgery and a possible bone graft. 


Kate remembered a postcard she had received reminding her that her employer offers 2nd.MD as a benefit to her and her family. She immediately went online and requested a consultation. Within a few days, 2nd.MD had retrieved all the necessary medical records, and Kate and Chloe met with a top specialist from Texas. 


The 2nd.MD specialist patiently answered all of their questions and discussed additional imaging which could be done such as a CT scan or an MRI which would show more detail before making a decision for surgery. 


After the informative consult, they went to Chloe’s local oral surgeon and orthodontist.  They performed a CT scan, which allowed the treating doctor to identify that Chloe had “condylar reabsorption”.  


With confidence, they chose to opt out of having the second surgery and made the decision to have Chloe’s braces removed. Chloe was able to go to her graduation with a brand new, beautiful smile!

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