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Many Opinions. One Answer.

Many Opinions One Answer

After seeking many opinions from various doctors, a member reached out for a second opinion from a top 2nd.MD specialist. Read more here:

Following a knee replacement surgery, Robyn suffered constant discomfort and had difficulty walking. After six months of physical therapy followed by manual manipulation of her knee, she still experienced horrible pain. 
After seeking a second, third, and even fourth opinion, Robyn was uncomfortable with the options presented to her because of past experiences.  

She decided to give it another try and contacted 2nd.MD.  Not being “technically savvy”, Robyn appreciated how easy the 2nd.MD service was to use and was thrilled with the specialist’s preparation and wealth of knowledge. 

Through a review of her history and current condition, the 2nd.MD specialist agreed with one of the surgeon’s suggestions to have revision surgery. He recommended waiting 12 months before proceeding with the revision to allow her knee to return to a steady state in scar formation. 

Feeling more confident in how to proceed, Robyn was grateful for the very positive experience with the service of 2nd.MD.

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