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Relief is Only One Call Away

Relief Only One Call

Sherry suffered from chronic back pain for more than thirty years, which only worsened after a hysterectomy and bladder suspension. After trying multiple treatment options and interventions, nothing provided relief for more than a few weeks. 

Sherry’s local neurosurgeon determined there were no good surgical options for her cervical spine, but she would need a lumbar decompression and fusion. 

With the desire to find relief from her ongoing pain, Sherry utilized the 2nd.MD benefit provided through her husband’s employer. 

She was paired with a top 2nd.MD specialist who reviewed her medical history and had a lengthy video call with her to discuss options to find relief. The 2nd.MD specialist provided information for Sherry to discuss with her treating physician regarding indications supporting a diagnosis of Ehlers Danlos Syndrome.

When a 2nd.MD Care Team member reached out to Sherry to follow up, she expressed her satisfaction with the 2nd.MD consultation and reported plans to utilize the information gained for future treatment.



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