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An Urgent Consult Request

urgent consult

Mary Jo called 2nd.MD, with the request for an urgent consult. She had a follow-up consult within a few days with her local doctor and wanted more information and advice before her appointment. Mary Jo’s request to 2nd.MD was to have a consult with a specialist either within that same day or the day after.

Mary Jo suffered from Psoriasis and was advised to start a medication that she worried might be too aggressive. She wanted to find out more information regarding her treatment plan.

The entire 2nd.MD team worked rapidly to execute Mary Jo’s request. The records team worked to gather Mary Jo’s medical records, while the nurse team worked to get Mary Jo paired with the best specialist for her condition and concerns.

Within the same day, Mary Jo was on the phone with a top 2nd.MD specialist. The specialist expressed that in his opinion Mary Jo was on the best treatment plan for her condition and needs. The specialist reassured Mary Jo and made her aware of a newer generation of the medication which she could discuss with her local treating physician.

Mary Jo was impressed with the quality of service, expertise of the specialist, and the remarkably expedited process from her request to her consult. Mary Jo expressed her gratitude for the reassurance and has moved forward with her treatment plan with complete peace-of-mind.

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