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Debra was diagnosed with breast cancer at 36 years of age. Considering her family medical history and her own diagnosis, she underwent a bilateral mastectomy (removal of both breasts) and had immediate reconstructive surgery (breast implants). Debra experienced a near-fatal reaction, going into anaphylactic shock during the first course of chemotherapy and subsequently had two additional rounds of adjuvant chemotherapy. For six years, she took a selective estrogen receptor modulator (SERM) drug used to treat and prevent breast cancer. She had ongoing follow-up appointments every six months and routine testing. 

When Debra felt a new lump in her left breast, within close proximity to the original tumor, she went to have it checked by her local provider who conducted an ultrasound and biopsies, but all tests came back negative. Her local doctor advised that she may want to have the lump removed for her own peace of mind based on her medical history.  Delaying the procedure and not wanting to undergo another surgery, the lump in Debra’s breast grew and became more inflamed. 

While awaiting her next round of testing and planned surgery, Debra reached out to 2nd.MD to speak with a top specialist about her condition and possible treatment options. 

The 2nd.MD specialist, not wanting to rush the consultation, spent more than two hours with Debra discussing her medical history and condition. The 2nd.MD specialist suggested a complete workup to evaluate for distant disease and further testing to be considered. The specialist also suggested various treatments, clinical trials, and radiation therapies to discuss with her local physician. The 2nd.MD specialist also suggested she consider treatment at a comprehensive cancer center in the future.

Debra was thankful to converse with an expert in the oncology field and that the 2nd.MD nurse went above and beyond for her. 

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